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New Features

Our updated release is packed with new and enhanced features to help you increase productivity and efficiency. 

Custom Dashboards

Real-time data to make smarter, faster decisions.



  • Create comprehensive, dynamic reports with just a few clicks.

  • Geo-Mapping display with time lapse recording​

  • Compare and contrast analytics from multiple campaigns 

Collaboration Tools

Designed to keep productivity flowing with faster communication.



  • Attach comments on objects (jobs, segments, etc) for all users to see.

  • Stay closely engaged with instant message chatting

  • Send direct messages to another person's inbox or to a small group for more focused conversations.

Community Builder

Configure your community to meet your unique business needs.

  • Define and invite your community with user profiles.

  • Adapt the profiles to your needs: Customer, Vendor, Agency

  • Easily configure their permissions - to control what each user can do and access across the totaltrac site. 

Demo Webinar signup

Come see the new features in action.

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