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Any mail tracking software company can offer tracking and reporting.
totaltrac's goal is to deliver software that you and your customers need, providing the tools
necessary to be successful, and maximize sales & profits.
Our pricing model Breaks the Rules that limits the use of direct mail tracking.  

totaltrac Resellers receive Unlimited Mail Tracking immediately translating to $1000’s of increased profits on current tracking business, expands your revenue and profit regardless of the customer’s budget and allows you to track all production.
Plan Includes:
Standard Tracking Features
File Management & Storage
Usage Monitoring
3 User Packages
Standard Job Reporting
Data Protection
Online Helpdesk Support
3+ Users 
Everything in Business
Advanced Tracking Features
Agency & Client User Logins
Advanced Job Reporting
Real-Time Geo-Mapping
Customizable Dashboards
Standard Collaboration Tools
Campaign Alerts
Automated Quality Checks
File Recovery
User & Team Training
Unlimited Phone Support
Everything in Professional Plus:
Advanced User Permissions
Advanced Collaboration Tools
Client Branding
Access to Web API
Dedicated Success Manager
5+ Users
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