Track, Analyze & Optimize Direct Marketing Performance

Features For Every Step of the Marketing Process

Track Mail

Monitor progress of campaign delivery. Report down to an individual record.

Validate Results

Build client trust with providing direct access to campaign performance metrics.

Collaborate Effectively

Plan, communicate and coordinate with your unique community of business partners.

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Verify Delivery

Trust but verify that all records are processed and delivered.

Boost Response

Coordinate & trigger marketing events to boost response.

Analyze & Optimize

Test, track, measure, analyze, optimize. Repeat.

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Successful campaigns require close communication and coordination between team members - both internal and external.

totaltrac provides visibility to the entire process, keeping projects on schedule. 

Manage, monitor and collaborate with all project contributors:

○ Lettershops

○ Mail Production

○ Printers

○ Agencies

○ Freelancers

○ Consultants

○ Internal Resources

○ Clients


with Creative Share files, reports and results.

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marketing teams. Execute perfectly timed multi-channel marketing.

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Partners & Vendors Everyone involved in making the magic happen.

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into the mailstream Know exactly where your mail is at anytime.

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Coordinate multi-channel marketing

Timing is everything in marketing. Synchronize multi-channel campaigns based on actual delivery dates. Setup follow-up direct mail, email or phone call steps to automatically trigger based on events.

Leverage the power of data

Visibility into campaign performance helps you make smarter business decisions.

Identify and proactively resolve issues

If a campaign issue occurs, having the full data records to reference will improve the effectiveness and timeliness of the response. The faster a problem is identified, the sooner its resolved.

Cost optimization from accurate planning

 Respond quickly and efficiently to ensure the proper response mechanisms – such as staffed call centers or stocked retail outlets. Plan for increased traffic, at precisely the right time. Tighter controls over timing help contribute significantly to marketing and cost optimization. 


Understand the big picture

and the small details


Access real-time data 24/7 in a simple user interface

Compare multiple projects at-a-glance
Make informed decisions faster and easier
Display direct mail, email and web campaign results
Color-coded maps display delivery status

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